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This menu interface has browser requirements. This interface can only be used on the following browsers: from Internet Explorer 10, updated Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.. Otherwise, the old version will display.

Menus are the easiest way for a customer to navigate through your site. Of course, there are other options, but this is the easiest to implement and the most effective for your visitors because the three menus sections are always visible, no matter what page is displayed.

There are three menu sections in Actinic: the vertical menu, the horizontal menu, and the footer menu:

The vertical menu (which appears in the left-hand side of your site) and the horizontal menu (which is visible at the top of your site, underneath your header, if you have defined a header) are the most important menus. You are not obligated to use both of them, but it is generally a good way to logically organize your site. The footer menu is generally used for the options that you want to emphasize the least: administrative addresses, site policies, etc.

 Add menu options

To add a menu option, go to : [Site \ Menus] or from the shortcut icon [Menus] on your dashboard.

Select the menu that you want to manage.

  • “Gallery” tab
    You can define a menu link depending on the different galleries, namely : URL rewriting, a shopping cart category, items list, webblocks, brand and images gallery.
    You can add a link to a category by using [Category] button. You will then be able to see your category list.
    As an example we will add a third category into the vertical menu. This category was created in the [Commerce \ Category], menu.

    By using a drag and drop action from the category name, the menu link is instantaneously added.

    In the properties window, you can define an element type (title, text, image). It’s also possible to rename the element or change the navigation behaviour.

  • Add a sub menu+
    Adding a sub menu is the same as creating a menu. We will add “Sub category 3” sub menu for the “Category 3” menu.
    To add a sub-menu, just use the drag and drop action. When the category is added to the sub-menu, you just need to move to the right to for generate a sub-menu.


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