Model and legend management

 Model management

The “Model” Tab, allows you to save a repetitive action. By a drag and drop action into the area and by saving the change you will find the element into this Tab:

 “Link” Tabs

This tab allows you to define a link by first selecting the element type.

Drag the element type into the wished area:

You can add an image into your Actinic gallery or use an image from your hard drive by a drag and drop action on the image area.

When the image is added, you just need to define a behaviour navigation by clicking on the [...] button.


The system displays on yellow the last modified element and on grey the hidden element.

When a menu element holds HTML code, it’s written on Pink. If the code is wrong (html tag open for example), the menu is displaying on red. In this case, we recommend to mark the code to display the menu.


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