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 Display setting for Item Options

This new functionality allows you to propose a different display for the option choices on your items.


The appearance only applies for product options. It can be used only if you choose a drop down list layout.

More information can be found here: Option - Layout

 Association of colours and options type

The associated item colour can be changed by a coloured thumbnail. Click on [Commerce \ Option types] menu, “Edit properties” Tab.

By clicking on this area, it’s possible to associate one color to an option type. You can do this with the colour palette or a hexadecimal (hex) colour code.

Click image to zoom

Click image to zoom

The system allows you to name the colours using the “Value” box. The following colours can then be picked up and used for other options: black, blue, fuchsia, grey, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, yellow.

The following screenshot shows the appearence change for item options. This setup is based on a colour grid for option type: “Color”, and a value grid for the choice of the size.

To display an option type for the item page, you can set it up from the “Appearance” field. It’s possible to propose a different display for the faceted navigation and for the item page.

If the field is empty, it will displaying with a drop down list.

Here an example of different display between the item list and the item page:

Category list view
Item page view

More information here: Faceted navigation Layout
 Association of values and options type

By picking the “value” column and by choosing the value grid layout, the system will then display these values instead of the type option names.

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