Bundle allows you to sell specific items that are included in a pack.


- Stock management for the items included in the bundle
- Enter a specific price for each bundle.

Special feature

The bundle is added as an item.
A bundle can contain up to 10 specific items. Only simple items and options can be added into it.
Items with attributes or with a digital download canít be added to a bundle. However, itís possible to add attributes to a bundle.
The VAT is unique for a bundle. If the bundle is composed of 2 items with 2 different VAT amounts, the VAT applied is the one set in the bundle.

You can create a "bundle" by going to [Commerce \ Items (Products-Services)], [Add] button.
Enter the information explaining the bundle (code, name, price, description, image Ö.) and then click on the ďBundleĒ.

You can add items by typing In the ďItems in BundleĒ part.

Then click on the button to add the item into your selection.
You can enter a quantity amount as well for the selected item.

Once your bundle is created, click on the [Save] button to save the new item.
The icon which allows you to edit options is now replaced by the following icon: .

The item is displayed as an item.

Similar to simple items, and options, itís possible to duplicate a bundle. However, the bundle duplication doesnít allow linked stock.
A duplicated bundle is independent to the stock level.
When the bundle is duplicated, you will have to define the items in the new bundle.

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