WebBlock Builder, Drag and Drop - Items Widget

Using the WebBlock Drag n’ Drop Editor, it is very easy to add products to your pages. Simply dragging the Items widget to the page displays the name of the item, its price, its image and description.

This widget is dynamic which means all items are related to the database. An amendment to the item will update the widget on the WebBlock.
This tool allows you to insert up to 4 blocks of 8 products, up to 32 Items per page .

The module manages the multi-rates and discounts, so if a logged in user has these enabled for them, it will display the corresponding information.

>b>Items will only be displayed if they are in stock, the behaviour is the same as when viewing the Catalog. We advise you to ensure that these products are always in stock.

It offers 6 widget layouts.

1 - Drag / Drop Widget in the central area
2 - Select the number of Columns to display.
3 - Select Items in the selection area

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4 - Select the Layout.

Example 1 :

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Example 2 :

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 Column Properties

Once the Items are inserted, you can use the tabs in the Properties column to refine the layout.

It is possible to change the following elements :
  • Spacing between elements of the same item, and Spacing between other elements
  • Borders on the Items (Width, Colour) with the possibility to use Rounded Edges
  • Name of the Item to swap the accent/background colour
  • Description to limit the number of characters shown
  • Price of the item to swap the accent/background colour
  • Price of the item to swap the accent/background colour

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Note: The zone “html tag” in Name Properties is set by default to insert a h3 tag at the names of the items. You can choose not to use a h3 tag by using span in the dropdown menu.

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