MangoPay Inside Payments


MangoPay is a processing system for secure online payments. You can use it once it is activated.
Why choose MangoPay ?
  • Economic
    Unbeatable commission fees
  • Fast
    Up and Running immediately (in less than 5 minutes).
  • Simple
    No need to get your bank involved.
 MangoPay Packages and Prices

MangoPay is competitively priced per transaction so you only pay for what you use.

Actinic PackageBronzeChromeSilverGoldPlatinum
Price per transaction 0.50£ 0.40£ 0.30£ 0.25£ 0.20£

Monthly Turnover Commission Fee
0 - 2 000 £ 2,40%
2 001 - 4 000 £ 2,20%
4 001 - 6 000 £ 2,00%
6 001 - 10 000 £ 1,80%
10 001 - 1 000 000 £ 1,60%

To transfer money out of your MangoPay wallet and into your bank account, there is a small service surcharge. These are as follows:

Transfer amount Prices
Less than 1000 £
More than 1 000 £ Free

For more information on Actinic Payments or to open an account, call an Actinic sales adviser on 01932 481 487 and choose option 1 for Actinic.
 MangoPay Inside registration

You can subscribe by going to "[Commerce \ Payment method \ [Add a payment method] Button"." Select “Mangopay Inside” option.

Read the terms and conditions and complete the application form. Once the form is validated, your account is created and the payment method is activated on your actinic site.
 Finalise your registration

You can now finalise your registration by adding your company document :
  • The legal representative's proof of identity : You need to submit a copy of your current passport.

  • Company Status : your proof of company ownership (e.g.Certificate of Incorporation (Companies House), Shareholder declaration, etc.).
    NB: freelancers and sole traders are exempt.

  • Proof of registration : your proof of company ownership.

  • Company Shareholder Declaration : You need to fill out, sign and upload the Shareholder Declaration below.

    Click here to download the Shareholder Declaration template.
The validation of your documents will be done within 48hours.

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You will be able to define a bank account where you will receive the funds.

You can add your bank details from the menu [Commerce \ Payment method] ,then Tab, and “My bank account” Tab to add an account.

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 Payment page customisation

It is possible to customise the payment page from the vertical menu: "Account details".

From the menu: « Personalise the payment form” you can add your logo company and a background-colour.

 Transactions management

Transactions are visible from the menu: « My money » in the payment properties.

You can track your transactions by setting a filter:

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An order refund can be done from the order tracking view. It is necessary to cancel the order before proceeding to the repayment.

 Get back your money

You got payment with MangoPay and your subscription is done? Well done ! You are now able to recover your money.

Go to the menu : [Commerce \ Payment Method] , Tab > click into the menu “My money” > [Transfer Money] Button.

You can select an account and enter a wire amount, then valid the request.

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