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Integrate your online Actinic site to your information system.

With the Actinic OpenScript, you can take advantage of a powerful online solution, and totally integrate it to your information system.


The OpenScript link is the link provided by Actinic to automate the link between items, users and all your company system information data.

The link can be integrated with Dataplug to optimise data transfer. It allows you to prepare the execution of each process known by windows (.BAT file, .exe executable, Windows Script, VBScript…).

The changes you do to the system with OpenScript are updated in real time. Managing your site becomes easy.

- Streamline information from your software to your Actinic site through a simple look. You will then have one unique source of data (images, products, items, categories..)

- Benefit from a customizable system task scheduler.

The OpenScript link handles huge volumes of data to go with your growth and save your time in the daily site management.


- The OpenScript link is integrated and installed automatically in the 5.40 version of the standard Dataplug. There is no need of a complementary download and installation. By contrast, to use the openScript Dataplug, you need to purchase and activate the right of use of the Openscript module.

- To use the Talend script it is necessary to install a JAVA virtual machine (from the 7.x version) downloadable from : Java Site

1) Buy the OpenScript Link

To install the OpenScript link contact your Actinic e-Commerce expert : 0845 129 4800.

2) Documentation download

The setup requires Windows system.
Size : 29 MB

Download the Actinic DataPlug

3) Download the OpenScript documentation

The documentation requires a PDF reader.

Download the OpenScript documentation

4) Download the example script

Here some script example.

Download the example script

5) Training and Support

Actinic proposes training in your office, or online to support you during the OpenScript link implementation. Our partnership network propose their services to implement the synchronisation between your information system to your Actinic Site.

Subjects are varied: Advice about item organisation, operating updates, suggestions for items images, implementation of facet navigation etc...

Contact us to book your training session with an Actinic expert.

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