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Actinic offers you a tool that allows you to recovery abandoned carts.
Encourage your customers to finalize their order by customizing automatic recovery emails.

When activating the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, you automatically get 10 recovery mails per month in your forfait package. Visit the page [Account> Subscriptions Services] for details.

Download our guide: Guide Carts Recovery
 Step 1 - Enable recovery emails

You have 2 recovery emails models :
  • Abbandoned Shopping Carts : First recovery mail
  • Abbandoned Shopping Carts : Second recovery mail

We strongly recommend you to activate the 2 emails recoverys.

Enabling this service requires to add an email template from the menu[Site \ Email customization], [Add] button and add the model Abbandoned Shopping Carts : First recovery mail.

In the window Additional,you can customize the content of the email.
Add and customize the model for Second recovery abandoned carts email.

For more information: Emails customisation

After the sttings of models, you can take the next step to configure and enable automatic recoverys for your shop.
 Step 2 - Set up of automatic recoverys

Go to the menu [Marketing \ Cart recovery], click on [Configure Settings], button [Edit].

Check the option Activate the abandoned shopping cart recovery program.

  1. Abandoned shopping carts recovery settings

    Mode : Select the Mode that you want to enable.

    Test Email : choose the email on which the recovery mails will be sent for testing.
    Attention! the tests must be performed by connecting to your domain name.

    For thr real mode, the email informed receive a copy of recovery mails. If you do not want to receive it, leave the field blank.

    Minimum cart value: : This field allows you to set an shipping amount(ex VAT ), which will trigger the cart recovery emails .

    Abandoned shopping cart recovery program : This option allows you to recovery the carts based on user.
    • Send recovery mails to all abandoned shopping carts
    • Only accounts that have no order history receive recovery mails.
    • Send recovery mails to accounts that have not ordered for XX days. Then you can choose tne number of days you prefer..

    Select enabled languages: : Select the languages ​​inwhich the recovery carts emails will be performed.

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  3. Set up recovery mail delays

  4. Set first recovery mail delay : Set a timeout for sending the first recovery. This period shall not exceed 24 hours.

    Set second recovery mail delay : Specify a timeout for the second recovery, that can be sent until 48 hours after quitting cart

Once configured, click [ Save ] to save your settings. After testing your recovery scenarios, enable real-mode recovery carts from the [Marketing \ Cart recovery], button [Configure Settings] and save.

Then You can follow the detailed statistics of abandoned carts for your shop. These are directly visible from the menu [Marketing \ Cart recovery].

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For more information: Cart recovery - Statistics

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