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Oxatis Ecommerce Features in Detail

The Most Complete Solution in the Market
Oxatis is the only solution integrating: an online shop, exports to price comparison sites, marketplace management, Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce. You get over 300 features to

optimise your online shop for your ecommerce success.

Faceted Navigation
Offer customers filtered searching to find products quickly
Oxatis now provides faceted navigation to enable website visitors to quickly find products which match their specific requirements. Customers select their search criteria for example product size, colour, pricing or brand and instantly see corresponding items.
Learn more about Faceted Navigation
Faceted Navigation

SMS Marketing
Engage your customers
SMS Marketing A great way to interact with your customers is by sending SMS messages so you can reach them while they are on the move. With Oxatis you can easily send and manage your SMS campaigns to increase customer engagement.
Learn more about SMS Marketing

Mobile Store
Your ecommerce web site optimised for mobile devices
In the UK, year-on-year sales via mobile devices were up 254% in March 2012. Create a mobile optimised version of your ecommerce site to take advantage of this growing market with the Oxatis Mobile Store. Customers can browse your product catalogue and purchase items as well as easily access their order tracking anytime from their mobile.
Learn more about Mobile Store
Actinic Online Mobile Store
MarketPlace Manager
Boost your online sales with eBay and Amazon
increase online sales with eBay

Boost your site sales with amazon
Publishing your products to marketplaces like eBay and Amazon makes your products available to millions of additional shoppers.
Oxatis enables you to manage the full sales cycle from your site back office to retrieve orders, simultaneously synchronising stock on the eBay, Amazon and Oxatis platforms, centralising order tracking and customer engagement.
Learn more about MarketPlace Manager
My Social Store
Publish your catalogue on Facebook for free
Retailers are increasingly using social platforms to interact with consumers and drive traffic to their ecommerce website to help increase sales. The one with the biggest potential of this is Facebook, which continues to grow and dominate the lives of its converts.
Using the Oxatis My Social Store App you can be selling on Facebook in just a few clicks and it is included with your monthly subscription at no extra cost.
Learn more about My Social Store
Enhance your ecommerce web site visibility with facebook
Oxatis Payments
An integrated payment solution with your ecommerce site
Actinic Payments,your ecommerce web site payment solution Actinic Payments offers the highest level of functionality of any secure internet payment system compatible with the platform. Easy to use and set up, all you need is a merchant account number that can be used for internet payments. Once your account is opened and all necessary information provided, we set up Actinic Payments for your website. Accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and Delta.
Learn more about Actinic Payments
Sell on price comparison sites
Using Oxatis SmartFeeds you can increase traffic to your site by listing your product on price comparison sites like Google Product Search, Kelkoo, Twenga, Pricesavvy and Ciao. You can manage the process directly from your Oxatis admin console with full campaign tracking and statistics..
Learn more about SmartFeeds
SmartFeeds : list your products on price comparison sites
Your custom site design
SmartSkins : customise your online shop graphic design easily SmartSkins enable you to quickly and easily adjust your ecommerce website design to experiment with how you want your site to look. SmartSkins allow you to save precious time when fine-tuning your design. The tool provides powerful results thanks to the intelligent way elements adapt in relation to one another for text styles, colour pallets and menus to see how changes to one element works in relation to other elements.
Learn more about SmartSkins
Keep Online and Offline Orders Together
The Oxatis MOTO (Mail Order and Telephone Order) feature gives you a quick and easy way to enter and process orders received offline via telephone, mail or fax, directly into Oxatis.
The MOTO form lets you keep online and offline orders all together. You can quickly find customer information, enter new contact details, retrieve product details, choose a shipping method, add delivery information and process credit card payments all from one screen.
Learn more about MOTO
SmartSkins : customise your online shop graphic design easily
Link your ecommerce web site to your accounting software
The free desktop application DataPlug lets you: upload product and customer data from your computer to your site quickly and securely, export orders for accounting and shipping purposes, automatically synchronise images from your PC with your site image gallery…
Learn more about DataPlug
Actinic Online DataPlug : link your accounting software with your ecommerce web site
Mobile Assistant
Manage your ecommerce orders on the go
Oxatis Mobile Assistant : manage your ecommerce site from your iPhone or iPad Keep an eye on your business and manage your orders wherever you are with the Oxatis Mobile Assistant, free download is available for either iPhone or iPad. Access the admin console or your live website, track your orders in real time, contact your customers directly from the application and analyse your business on the move with detailed sales statistics.
Learn more about Mobile Assistant
Publish Your Products on the Web
With our Content Management System you can

organise your ecommerce web site to make it user friendly

and easy for visitors to place an order.
Optimise your ecommerce site navigation with menus and site creation tools
Components and tools to create your ecommerce siteon de site ecommerce Add content with editorial components like: News, Blogs, FAQs, Partners, Guest Book; build a clear and well organised product Catalogue with HTML pages, forms, categories, etc. and create pages for any personalised content.
Create custom web pages with WebBlocks
WebBlocks let you

put together content for your online shop with no knowledge of HTML

. Insert and format text; add images, videos and flash animation; add html code or scripts to create blocks you can use as pages or web forms, etc.
Customise your online shop content
Product Catalogue
Comprehensive product pages make shopping easier for your customers
Manage your online shop catalogue Make shopping easier for your customers with informative product pages including the product name, a short and a long description, image(s), price, etc. …and display by product brands. The product catalogue also allows you to easily manage your prices and stock.
Multilingual Site
Oxatis sites are multilingual
Just pick the site language from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Dutch and apply it to your content. Build a multiligual ecommerce web site
Administrator Account
You decide who can access what
manage your admin accounts for your online shop You can define several

user profiles for the administration of your online shop

allowing or restricting access to certain features.
Improve Your Company Image On the internet

the graphic design of your ecommerce site conveys your brand

. With Oxatis you can customise your online storefront to your personal specifications using templates, SmartSkins or CSS tools available with your subscription.
Site Designs
CSS site design templates ready to use
CSS templates for your ecommerce site design Select from a large choice of template site designs, included in your subscription, to give your ecommerce site a professional look. About fifteen new CSS templates are added each month.


Customise your ecommerce storefront
SmartSkins makes creating a

site design for your online shop

easy, even if you have no skills in graphic design or programming. Just apply the various graphic options to create a design which is unique to you.
Learn More about SmartSkin
SmartSkins : customise your online shop graphic design easily
CSS Site Designs
A totally unlimited customisation of the appearance of your online shop.
Customise your ecommerce site CSS Are you skilled in HTML or CSS? Why not do your own Oxatis site design? You just need to modify an existing template according to your requirements, or if you have the appropriate skills create a new one from scratch.
Ecommerce Services
Oxatis Graphic Design Studio
We offer ecommerce services adapted to your needs. Create or enhance your company image. Customise your site's home page to capture prospects' attention, distinguish yourself from the competition and build customer loyalty.
Learn More about Ecommerce Services
Graphic Studio Services for your online shop

Get a High Performance and Scalable Ecommerce Web Site

Oxatis provides a complete system of ecommerce tools for selling on the Internet.
Manage Product Options and Attributes
Dynamic inventory management.
Manage your online shop Three option types are available for product characteristics like size, colour and shape. Attribute management is also available, independent of stock, for additional offers like long-term guarantees, gift wrapping, etc. Set prices, display and product codes according to your needs.
Order Tracking
Follow your online orders

Track orders placed your ecommerce site

with a configurable tool. You can customise the steps in the buying process for staff to easily administrate orders. Including managing and generate custom invoices, batch processing, exports, etc.
Manage sales from your ecommerce site
Optimise the checkout process
Optimise checkout on your ecommerce web site Shopping Cart: Display prices including or excluding VAT, manage VAT for export orders, display terms & conditions, automatic customer identification, etc.
Email Templates: Automatic order acknowledgement by email, configure your own email templates for account creation, order acknowledgement, etc. insert your logo and address.
Cross-Selling/Up-Selling: Suggest items to shoppers to encourage up-selling to ‘higher-end’ products or cross selling for complementary products.
Images: Additional image management and "zoom" function for products. Create image galleries with a magnifying glass for zoom effect while hovering over images.
Multi-Pricing and Complex Discounts
Manage up to 5 independent prices per product
Pricing: Manage up to 5 independent prices per product and option.
Assignment: Associate a pricing level to a group or category of customers.
Differentiated Catalogues: Certain products can be hidden from customers depending on the pricing used.
manage prices for your online shop
Intangible Sales
Your Oxatis site can handle downloadable items
Sell intangible items online Downloadable files associated to a product. It's possible to offer the same product in a physical or an intangible form. Shopping cart is automatically limited to instant payment methods like debit cards, PayPal, etc.
Social Networks
Use social networks to spread the word
Customers can recommend your products on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. directly from your product pages in your online shop. Build your ecommerce site's reputation with social networks
Be Visible on the Web

Increase your visibility and get your ecommerce site well ranked on search engines

using the SEO features available with Oxatis.
URL Rewriting
Use page web addresses to enhance SEO while making them more friendly to visitors
URL rewriting - optimise your ecommerce site's addresses

Redefine the web address of the pages of your online store

to create search engine friendly urls. With the Oxatis URL rewriting tool you can make your urls more understandable and describe the content of your pages.
Natural SEO
Help Google index you properly
Oxatis provides complete flexibility to ensure your

site is well ranked with the major search engines

with 5-level META Tag control and SEO editing capability. Use the Title tags, Meta descriptions or keywords for each element of your online store (component, Webblock, item description, image etc.)
Actinic Online ecommerce solution with natural SEO tools for indexing your online store
Help search engines find all of your pages
Actinic Online automatically generates the sitemap file for your ecommerce web site Sitemaps are a way for you to ensure that search engines will find all of the important pages in your site. Oxatis has integrated a powerful tool for automatically generating weekly sitemap files to accurately reflect the latest changes made to your site.

Give search engines meaningful information
To improve your search engine optimisation, Oxatis integrates microdata tags in the product pages of your ecommerce website. They allow Google to quickly identify the main information for your products (name, image link, description, price, URL, availability, etc.).

Learn more
Actinic Ecommerce Software - natural optimisation of your ecommerce website for search engines

Receive Payments on your Ecommerce Web Site

With all the different payment methods Oxatis offers, it's easy to set up your ecommerce site.
Actinic Payments
Integrated secure payment method
Actinic Payments Actinic Payments is a processing system for secure online payments offering the highest level of functionality of any secure internet payment system compatible with the platform.
Once your merchant account is opened, we set up Actinic Payments for your website. All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and Delta.

Learn More about Actinic Payments and PCI DSS
Secure Payment Solutions
You can integrate many secure payment methods into your online shop
PayPal, SagePay, Skrill (Moneybookers), Ogone and many others. You can also customise your payment methods to fit your needs: credit/debit cards, cheques, direct debit, cash, installments, pay on delivery, etc.
Set up secure payment on your online store
See a range of online payments integrated to Oxatis
Shipping Management Made Simple For your online business to succeed you need the tools to provide your customers with an excellent service. Oxatis provides you with the ability to get products to your customers efficiently and to keep them informed of progress.
Shipping Calculator
Take complete control of your shipping options
Shipping calculator for your online shop's expeditions Take complete control of your shipping options with the flexibility to manage based on numerous criteria. Calculate shipping costs depending on the type of service, destination, customer category, weight, volume, etc. Options are available to handle: fixed prices and tiered pricing dependant on the number of items ordered, order value or the weight/volume of the order.

Drive your ecommerce web site activity

Oxatis provides a full suite of ecommerce marketing tools to assist in promoting and growing your online business.
Referral Scheme
Build relationships and grow your business
Grow your online ecommerce with a referral scheme The Oxatis referral scheme offers your customers an incentive to promote your products and company to people they know.
You reward customers who get people they know to purchase from your site whilst also offering a discount to the new customer incentivising them to place their first order.

Learn More about Referral Schemes
Loyalty Program
Reward loyal customers
Online retailers are constantly striving to gain new and encourage existing customers to return and purchase from their sites. With the Oxatis Loyalty Program customers are rewarded with points when they place an order which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.
Learn More about Loyalty Programs
Build loyalty for your ecommerce site
Campaign Tracking
Make better decisions using advanced marketing tools
Follow your ecommerce web site ad campaigns Make better decisions with detailed reporting of all sales and marketing campaigns including individual visit recording, results and the ability to calculate the return on investment right from your administration console.
Built-in affiliate management allows you to compensate affiliate partners and enable them to view their account status.
Advanced Statistics
Optimise your ROI with precise statistics
Statistics on the number of online shop visitors, pages displayed, by period. Statistics can be displayed in graph form or in tables exportable to Excel. Filter statistics for each of your site's languages. Identify the sources of traffic like search engines, price comparison sites, partners or affiliates.
Optimise return on investment for your online shop

Ecommerce Website Audit

Determine the quality and completeness of your site
Performance audit of your online shop Automatically generated audit reports can help you determine the quality and completeness of your site, point out functionality or elements that are under-used or haven't yet been implemented, give you an overview of the state of your catalogue and the possibilities for configuring your items.
Email Marketing
Keep in touch with your user database
Easily create e-mails and newsletters, schedule your campaigns in advance, target your audience with advanced filters, see detailed reports for your open rate, click through rate, hard/soft bounces and what was clicked on in the email. Automatic update of contacts after unsubscription or with non valid email addresses.
Learn More about sending email campaigns
Keep your customers up to date about your online shop
SMS Marketing
Engage your customers
SMS Marketing With SMS marketing you can communicate directly with customers while they are on the move by sending messages to announce new products and sales promotions. SMS marketing is the perfect complement to your mobile store to help drive traffic and increase customer engagement.
Learn More about SMS marketing

Export your products to price comparison sites
Exporting your products to price comparison sites (such as Google Product Search, Kelkoo and Twenga) is a great way to attract qualified prospects to your store. SmartFeeds is a powerful tool that helps you better control and optimise your marketing expenditure by tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your price comparison campaigns.
Learn More about SmartFeeds
publish on price comparison sites with SmartFeeds
Easily inform your subscribers in real time
RSS feeds: keep your subscribers up to date about your online store RSS feeds let you publish important content from your site towards any RSS news aggregator. Your subscribing customers can get your most recent news at any time. Easy to use, as the name suggests ("Really Simple Syndication") RSS feeds are also targeted.
Promote your products on the biggest social network
With the My Social Store App you can be selling on Facebook in just a few clicks. Easily publish your catalogue to Facebook and get your products in front of this huge audience. Customers select the products they’re interested in and then check out in your store.
Learn More about My Social Store App
Show your products on Facebook
Advertising Banners
Manage your advertising space
Easy management of your online shop ad banners Horizontal or vertical banners placed either above the site, in the site header or the data area, above or next to site content. Banners can be simple images, scripts or flash content. They are dynamically hidden during the checkout process.
Advanced Tools for Managing Your Ecommerce Site Oxatis provides a range of administrative tools to help with the efficient running of your store. Advanced reporting, large scale data import and export and a unique capability to manage across multi-language territories are all included.
Easy data import and export
Use the DataPlug tool to upload product and customer data from your computer to your site quickly and securely. Export orders for accounting and shipping purposes. Automatically synchronise images from your PC with your site’s image gallery.
Learn More about DataPlug
Actinic Online DataPlug : Link your ecommerce web site with your accounting software
Accounting Software
Link your systems to save time and energy
Your online store's business and accounting software Automatic transfer: Catalogue items (codes, descriptions, prices, VAT, images, etc.), stocks, customers, discount grids, online orders. Data is synchronised incrementally (only modified information is transferred) allowing for real time synchronisation. Compatible software: Sage.
Learn more about Sage 50 integration
Specialised Software
And that's not all
Partners: new specialised tools are regularly developed by certified Oxatis partners. Ask technical support for the full list. Specialised software for developing your online store's performance
Domain Names and Email Accounts
Domain Names
Registration and Renewal - .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .fr, .es, .it
Tiered charges if purchased for several years.
  • 1 year = £30 +VAT
  • 2 years = £55 +VAT
  • 3 years = £80 +VAT
  • 4 years = £105 +VAT
  • 5 year = £125 +VAT

Domain Name Registration and Renewal
  • 2 years = £55 +VAT

Domain Name Connection
One included with your subscription.
Further connections: £30 +VAT

Domain Name Transfer, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info
£30 +VAT
Email Accounts
Accounts attached to your domain name, in POP3 and WebMail.
  • 2 Pack =
    £5 +VAT / month
  • Next 10 =
    £1.5 +VAT / email / month
  • More =
    £1 +VAT / email / month