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Expert Advice
For Success in e-Commerce
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline an effective strategy for increasing and optimising your sales!
All year long, every two weeks, Oxatis sends you our expert e-Commerce advice with one goal in mind: to help you sell more and make your online shop more profitable.

After a few days of rest, we suggest you make some good resolutions for the new school year and set up, sometimes in just a few minutes, the best e-Commerce practices used by our 7,300 e-tailers.

Having the most effective e-Commerce website possible, drawing visitors, improving your conversion rate a little each day: these are the key themes for this year’s back to school season!
1. Meet your buyers’ expectations by managing stock/offers and providing them with a user-friendly catalogue
2. Polish your design and sweat the small stuff: details are important for your customer experience!
3. Work on your SEO for recurring, free traffic and ensure that your site is present on search engines
4. Purchase traffic strategically with SEA and take advantage of Google AdWords
5. Use the power of email marketing to grow your business
6. Use multichannel sales: marketplaces, price comparison sites and expand customer catchment area
7. With 18% of UK e-Commerce spending on mobiles, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss
8. The profitability of loyal customers is up to 3 times more than new customers
9. Keep a close eye on your stats and metrics to run your e-Commerce website as efficiently as possible
10. Fight against shopping cart abandonment and make the most of your traffic
e-Commerce Basics: resolutions for the new school year
01 Have the best shop in the neighbourhood...
UK Shoppers make 13.5% of their purchases online (Quartz) and the web is becoming like a huge shopping mall. However, it can be easy to make your website stand out and be amongst the best online shops, one that over time will have more and more visitors…To achieve this, there are a few steps to follow.
Polish and streamline your catalogue to increase your sales by 30%!
Your products are the main thing your visitors are interested in…they are looking to buy something or at the very least are window shopping. Categories, logical divisions, search, technical information, photos…your database must be as up-to-date as possible to reassure customers and provide them with clear information.

We’ve applied our priorities and values to our e-Commerce website, taking particular care with the quality of photos and navigation to give users the best experience possible.
Pierre Dumay - Arklight-Design
  • Get more information on how to improve your e-Commerce catalogue
Work on your website design and make it more effective: sweat the small stuff!
Success can be a question of a few pixels…This is a good reason to make your website design a priority. Give your visitors a site that’s easy to navigate and reassure them: they should know in the blink of an eye that they’re in the right place and can trust your site. By following just a few tips you can achieve surprising results. Smartbox, a successful tourism site, increased their conversion rate by 5% by changing the colour of their “order” CTA and thus making it more visible (Source: A/B Tasty).
  • 15 tips to increase your turnover
  • Design the best landing pages possible!
Oxatis is here to give you design advice. Contact us at 0845 129 4800 or request a free call back for more information on our services!
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02 Attract new customers
Optimise your website for search engines and triple your free traffic!

Who’s never typed a few keywords in Google looking for a product, then purchased the said product after just a few minutes of searching? E-tailers today have to use the power of Google as much as they can and use SEO to guarantee a recurring source of “free” traffic. SEO can triple your traffic!

Our website is in the top Google results for important keywords thanks to the optimisation work of Oxatis SEO experts. This helps attract visitors to our site and has a direct impact on our sales."
Linda Naysmith - The Stick & Cane Shop
  • You too can optimise your website for search engines:
To set up the basics and get your site optimised quickly benefit from Oxatis' certified SEO experts’ advice. For more information call 0845 129 4800 or request a free call back.
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Increase your turnover by 10% with SEA

Getting to the top of Google is not just a question of SEO and organic traffic. It’s also possible to increase your online presence for certain keywords by buying traffic directly from search engines. Google offers several advertising opportunities. Paid ads lead to impressive results. But AdWords is not your only option. Google shopping also offers great opportunities for development. For Oxatis' 7,300 e-Commerce websites Google’s price comparison site has helped get exceptional results. On average our experts have observed:

> A ROI increase of between 1.71 and 3.47 points (for example for every £1 spent making £9.89 with Google Shopping compared to £6.42 with traditional ads)
> A CPC of between £0.02 and £0.22 lower
> A conversion rate increase of between 0.5% and 5.5%

This could really change things for your online shop. It’s necessary to follow some advice, that we would be happy to give you! Click the following link and increase your turnover by more then 10%!

  • Read this expert advice and purchasing keywords will no longer be a mystery for you!
Oxatis' 7 SEO experts are Google certified! We can help you think about and set up your Google AdWords campaigns…For an equivalent budget a Google AdWords campaign handled by Oxatis experts is 3 times as effective. Call 0845 129 4800 now and benefit from our expertise.
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Use email marketing to boost your sales 18%!

Whether you’re trying to acquire new customers, reach out to “old” prospects or simply build loyalty with existing customers email marketing is without a doubt the most direct method available. The ROI for email marketing can reach 4,300% (Source: Direct Marketing Association). Email campaigns, a feature completely integrated into the Oxatis platform, can lead to impressive results.

"In the days after we send out a newsletter our orders quadruple!
Yolanda Quintana - JP&Y
  • Follow our advice to set up your email marketing strategy and test your results.
Marketplaces, price comparison sites…using multichannel can increase your sales!

While e-Commerce continues to develop it also continues to take on different forms and e-tailers have a number of options to help diffuse their products online. There are the obvious choices such as eBay and Amazon but there are also more theme-specific sites and price comparison sites that will enable you to increase your online presence and grow your business while controlling your investments as only sales made require commission.

  • Everything you need to understand multichannel sales
  • Export your catalogue to marketplaces, step by step
Take advantage of the sounding board of social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest: these social networks are part of our daily lives…and are linked more and more to e-Commerce. Whether you want to generate traffic, answer customers’ questions or stay in touch with your most loyal customers social commerce is becoming more and more popular. Don’t let this opportunity for affordable marketing pass you by!

"Facebook represents an important promotional tool and allows the Commencal community to connect. Users are constantly posting videos and sharing experiences, which in turn emphasises the quality of our products.
Max Commencal - Commencal
  • Here our experts outline their advice to help you take advantage of the Facebook opportunity!
03 Improve your conversion and increase your turnover with these tips
Mobile: a sales channel that could generate up to 40% of your sales!
m-Commerce currently represents 18% of e-Commerce spending in the UK (source: statistica). Why let this opportunity pass you by?

"We activated the mobile version of our site and the results have been impressive: over 20% of our orders now come from mobiles!"
Juan Antonio Vidal Sanfélix - CorpoMachine
Selling on mobiles is just a few seconds away...

  • Oxatis Mobile Store makes your life simple: in just one click sell your products on mobiles, smartphones and tablets!
Build customer loyalty for higher profits

Did you know that a loyal customer is 3 to 5 times more profitable than a new customer? And that generally the more loyal a customer is the higher their average shopping cart? We suggest you set up loyalty building strategies for your site as soon as possible.
  • Tips for creating loyal customers
Learn to love your stats and metrics and use them to increase your turnover!
As you know by now, it’s essential as an e-tailer to keep track of your campaigns and keep a close eye on your key figures. This will help give you a clear vision of your business which will in turn help you make informed decisions.

Having access to detailed statistics on your orders, visits, conversion rate etc. is an invaluable tool as it allows you to determine what areas in your site are working, and where you might need to improve.
Pete Witts - Will & Glory

20% more turnover by minimising shopping cart abandonment
67% of shopping carts are abandoned on average, something you want to fight against! A study by MCM Outlook showed that 5% more shopping cart conversions meant 20% more revenue. It’s a question of constantly making your website more user-friendly and streamlining your conversion funnel.

  • Check out our advice to end abandoned shopping carts

The start of September is an opportunity for new resolutions, starting fresh on the right foot and working on growing your profitability through to the end of the year. Which is of course what the Oxatis experts wish you!

Now it’s your turn!