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Expert advice to succeed in e-Commerce

e-Commerce International: 3 steps to start selling abroad


Fabien Mitaux - Oxatis

March 14th 2019


e-Commerce expert at Oxatis

"Real e-Commerce 'nerd' I am always figuring out what will be its new trends and behaviour."

e-Commerce is booming, growing some three times faster than overall trade

Today online sellers are exporting more and more because the Internet breaks down geographic barriers. Instead of browsing products in a mall, shoppers use e-Commerce platforms to access products worldwide. They use platforms’ star ratings systems and customer reviews to gain instant information about the sellers’ quality and trustworthiness.

The UK is the 3rdmost popular destination for online shopping and an average of 38% of purchases are carried out  by international shoppers!

How to develop your e-Commerce site on the International Market?

1. Discover the advantages of international e-Commerce 

e-Commerce International - Avantages

In order to increase the overall turnover of your business, selling internationally has many advantages. A study from eMarketer reports that retail ecommerce sales will increase up to £4 trillion GBP by 2020 registering an average growth of more than 20%!

Foreign e-Commerce sites allow overseas shoppers to access products that may be difficult to find in their own country and may also be available at more attractive prices. As a result, international trade represents a real growth opportunity for e-merchants. Sometimes the effort required to optimize foreign sales can seem somewhat daunting. But technology can help.

Instantly changes the language on your site into the language of the individual shopper. Use a Currency Picker App and allow your customers to select their currency on your site. Payment gateway including debit/credit cards, PayPal and direct payment through a bank are praised Europe-wide make sure you implement such payment gateway on your website.

"Oxatis helps our customers find us! Our overall visibility has increased to such an extent that now we reach customers that would otherwise not had known about our business or products, even internationally!"

Dean SMITH - Pyramid Screen Products

Visionary founder and passionate about his business, Max Commençal cites "international distribution, via the Internet, in several languages, several currencies, from several stocks spread throughout the world" as one of the 4 main drivers of his company's impressive growth.

Max gives us three key steps used to develop its e-Commerce activity internationally:

Step 1: Duplicate the design of your site and localise your product sheets

Step 2: Select the currency and adopt the appropriate tax regime in each target country

Step 3: Connect your payment methods

Like Commencal you want to expand your e-Commerce on an international scale? Ask one of our experts for some free advice on where to start.

e-Commerce International - Exemple

2. Promote your e-Commerce site internationally

e-Commerce International - Globalisation

The globalisation of trade remains more than ever an opportunity to seize for your e-Commerce site. In order to develop your online business on an international scale, you will have to consider at least the three following factors:

  • Translation of your site: beyond translating content into the language of the target country, you will need to ensure that your site is in line with the local practices (for example by choosing a located domain name).
  • International payment solutions: you will have to adapt the prices of your catalogue to the local currency. In addition, you will need to include on your site e-Commerce payment methods widely used in the target country.
  • Local shipping alternatives: offer an international solution that will both reassure your customers and allow you to ensure optimal after-sales service.

e-Merchants you now understand that, in order to sell better abroad, you will have to localise your strategy and put in place reinsurance elements so that your customers do not have the impression that they are buying abroad.

"Thanks to excellent SEO work our site reaches an international audience. Within 10 months our site traffic doubled and ouyr turnover increased by 30%!"

Frida TURNER - CEO at Turner Engineering

To raise your awareness abroad, what could be better than using local marketplaces and price comparators? Having joined the Oxatis group in 2018, ChannelPilot is the number one in Germany for flow management, competitive intelligence and repricing on the various web levers. The ChannelPilot solution is used and recommended by some of Europe's leading e-commerce players: Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Lindt, Mercedes-Benz, Nivea, Pandora, Thomas Sabo and La Redoute to name only a few.

With the ChannelPilot solution, you will be able to:

  • Optimise your product data by adapting it to the channels on which you want to distribute it;
  • Improve your performance on all these channels by tracking your KPIs from a single interface;
  • Connect your site to the MarketPlaces;
  • Analyze your prices more accurately and adjust your repricing strategy based on a better knowledge of your positioning and by monitoring resellers' prices.

ChannelPilot has more than 2500 e-Commerce stores connected to more than 2000 channels across Europe: the innovative multi-channel solution for all e-Commerce sites!

e-Commerce International - Channel Pilot

3. Use advanced e-Commerce features for your international business

e-Commerce International - Fonctionnalités

Determined to export your e-Commerce business? Create a high-performance website to sell worldwide using all the features and services necessary to develop your online sales.

The conquest of the international market will necessarily go hand in hand with a fine management of the taxes applied. With Oxatis, comply with the taxes in effect in the country you are targeting by fine-tuning your tax rates.

Take advantage of Milega's services to benefit from content translated and optimised for SEO in the destination language.

Finally, in order to facilitate the management of your international activity, we advise you to connect your e-Commerce site to a management software: enjoy a real-time synchronisation of your stocks!

"Integrating our ERP system increased our productivity by 100%+. We can now focus on our business whilst the Oxatis site and ERP systems function as a reliable single system eliminating the need for our staff to perform time consuming tasks."

Paul SMITH - Founder at Hantex Ltd

You now understand that, as in your local market, you will have to implement actions on your site to reassure your visitors and thus increase your e-Commerce conversion rate.

Cart abandonment is one of the most dreaded phenomena for e-merchants. In this regard, a Barilliance study showed that the basket abandonment rate was 78% in 2018, meaning that over 3/4 of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing their purchase. Among the features to overcome these shopping cart abandonments, payment and delivery methods are key.

With Oxatis, you have access to more than 50 e-Commerce payment methods and 20 delivery methods to ship your packages internationally with complete peace of mind!

e-Commerce International - Livraison

Ready to cross new borders?

You will notice that even internationally, the fundamentals of the e-Commerce business are not radically changing: the need for the customer to be reassured, the importance of customer service, the impact of delivery on conversion rates, etc. You will also notice that the e-Commerce business does not change radically.

Whatever your sector of activity, develop your online sales by boosting your e-Commerce site internationally!