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Buy Process Optimisation Brief
Quick and easy to complete ! Click here to see how the service unfolds.
This service enables you to inform your visitors on your delivery fees, your payment information, your shipping information, contact details and sponsorship.
Overall this will reinforce the professional aspect of your website.

The main goal to improve the efficiency of the buying process on your website, and therefore to increase your conversion rates !

What the buying process optimisation contains:

  • Creation of a mock-up that will follow the graphical look and feel available on your website
  • Shipping cost estimator.
  • Checkout steps ( Cart/Customer/ Shipping / Payment / Checkout).
  • Simple and efficient  customer loyalty graphical creation .
  • Highlighting the reassurances elements ( payment, shipping, contact, guaranties, customer notifications) in order to welcome your visitors.

Site name: *
An incorrect Oxatis sitename (Your username) name will not allow us to receive the brief and therefore to start and work on your project.
Cart optimisation :
The Graphic Studio will create a mock-up following the graphical look and feel of your site.
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Your information :
Please can you provide us with all necessary information we need to work on your project.
An impactful sentence you would like us to place in this area.
(See example below):

"We value your service. Buy and save with our loyalty points!"

Payment Methods
Please list the payments methods you are using:

Shipping methods
What are your shipping methods ? How long does it takes to deliver your goods ?

Contact Details:
How, and when your customers can contact you ?

You have the possibility to add an additional marketing or promotional element. For example, special offers, events etc

Shopping satisfaction
Do you have a Shopping Satisfaction account ? Would you like your it displayed?
Your instructions :
The web designer in charge of your project will make a mockup proposal that ties in with your current site design.
If you would like to add some details
about your expectations, please complete
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If you are experiencing problems filling out this brief, you can request a call back from our design coordinator.
In order to book this call, please send the request through 'Help > Technical Support' in the back office.