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Gold SEO
Fill out this form to provide us with the necessary information to optimise your site for search engines within the framework of the Gold SEO service.
- Keyword analysis
- Home page optimisation
- Category optimisation (6)
- 3 reports (initial, 3 month, final)

  • Have a domain name
  • Have a WebBlock set as the home page
  • Have a Google account

  • Specifications
    Site ID:
    Domain Name:
    Enter the main domain name for your site. Your site will be optimised on this domain.
    Your main competitor(s):
    Enter the domain name of one or two of your main competitors.

    Keywords (Searches)
    To find your keywords, try to think like an Internet shopper and what words they would type into a search engine to find your products.

    The main keywords should be used to describe your main business activity or featured products.

    The secondary keywords can be used to describe more specific products.

    For example, if you sell children's shoes, you can use "childrens shoes" or "childrens shoe store" for your main keywords. These are the terms that define your business activity. You could then use "childrens sandals" for a secondary keyword, which corresponds to a more specific product in your shop.
    4 main keywords:
    10 secondary keywords:

    Product Categories
    Indicate 6 main product categories that are essential to your store.
    Category 1
    Category 2
    Category 3
    Category 4
    Category 5
    Category 6

    Your Site's Current SEO
    Are you ranked on certain keywords?
    Enter the keywords your website is currently ranked on.

    Free Text Zone
    Feel free to provide us with any information or suggestions you find useful.