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Platinum Design
The Platinum Design service gives your Actinic Online website a custom created CSS design made to your specifications.
This refers to the general graphic skin of your site. It doesn't include the creation of a home page or any modification of your site content.
Service includes:
  • Custom design
  • Integration of one logo and image
  • Custom background
  • Integration of 5 custom buttons: Home, Contact and Shopping Cart
  • Custom text and menu titles
  • Silver Shopping Cart (number of products in basket and order value)
  • Integration of search field into header
  • Creation of 5 custom buttons in vertical menu
  • Creation of custom footer

  • Waraba - Décoration d'intérieur
  • My Funny Shop - Cadeaux
  • Bella l'Espionne - Lingerie
  • Trident Paintball - Matériel paintball
  • Ma Table de Massage - Matériel massage
  • By Maud - Vêtements d'enfants
  • Ma Maison de Poupées - Accessoires poupées
  • Beauté et Senteurs - Bien-être et cosmétique
  • La Cave du Coeur - Caviste
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Dominant colour: # This colour represents your business and brand and defines the ambiance for your site.
Complementary colour: # This complements the dominant colour. Therefore, we recommend using a neutral colour.
Highlight colour: # This is used for small touches, to give energy to the site and is generally a contrasting colour.
Colour palette examples:

The overall shape of your site and different borders
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