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Silver eBay Listing Template
Actinic can customise your eBay product listing template to get you off to a good start and help you succeed on eBay.

We'll make a listing template for eBay to match the design of your Actinic site, making you more easily recognisable for your visitors.

Included in the Silver service:
  • A product listing template for your Actinic site
  • Personalised with custom header and colours
  • Coded in HTML/CSS
Please fill out this form to provide us with the necessary information to complete your Silver eBay Listing Template.

Site Name:

eBay Listing Template
When listing your products in eBay, you are able to display another image above your products. If you have specific images you would like to see here, please attach them. Otherwise, we will reuse images from your website.

Your eBay Access Codes
Please send us your eBay user ID and password so we can configure your shop.

Please include any additional information you find important that will help our design team.

Please add 2 or 3 products in your eBay shop so that we can properly configure your store.

We also suggest you fill in the "Data for Listing Template" information found in your Actinic Admin Console under the following menu:
Commerce \ eBay MarketPlace Manager \ Component Properties tab.