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Silver Google AdWords
Please fill out this form to provide us with the necessary information to create an optimised advertising campaign for your website.
This service includes:
  • Preliminary study: targets, budget estimate
  • Market analysis for 3 main products
  • Advertising campaign setup: creation of 10 ads, selection of 150 keywords, setup of AdWords conversion tracking and Actinic campaign tracking
  • Optimisation of the campaign
  • Follow up for three months: campaign tracking and optimisation, one telephone meeting
  • Final report: campaign performance results

  • Have a domain name
  • Have a Google account

Actinic Site ID
Site Name:
Enter your Actinic site name.

Domain Name
Enter the main domain name for your site (URL). Your AdWords ads will link to this address.
Domain Name:

Google AdWords Account
When you're logged in to your AdWords account, you'll find this number in the upper righthand corner of AdWords pages in this format XXX-XXX-XXXX, where each X is a number.
AdWords Customer ID:

Advertising Background
Please let us know if you’ve already advertised in the past or if you currently advertise on the internet or elsewhere.

Have you already advertised your website? Are you currently advertising? Are you advertising on the internet? Do you use traditional means of advertising?
Advertising Background:

Commercial Goals
1. What are your goals in terms of advertising on Google AdWords?
2. How is your business doing?
3. Is your primary goal to develop sales or promote your website?
Commercial Goals:

Monthly Budget
How much is your monthly Google advertising budget?
Monthly Budget:

Enter the domain name of your two main competitors.
Your Competitors:

Flagship Products / Services
What products or services do you want to push in your Google advertising campaign?
Flagship Products / Services:

Competitive Advantages
How are you different from your competitors?
Competitive Advantages:

Special Offers, Sales
Do you run discounts, promotions or special offers?
Special Offers, Sales:

Geographical Area
What geographical area (cities, counties, regions, etc.) do you cover?
Geographical Area:

Target Audience
Who is your target audience? Is it a particular group or part of the population (e.g. a specific age group, children, the elderly, etc.)?
Target audience:

Expected Results
If an internet user comes to your website after clicking on your ad, what would you like them to do?

Examples: To buy a product, fill out a form, watch a product demo, register, etc.
Expected Results:

Additional Information
Do you have any instructions or suggestions? Feel free to share your comments.
Any additional requirements?