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What is the best secure payment solution for you?

Use the table below to quickly calculate your monthly transaction fees:
1/ Evaluate your monthly sales figures and your clients average cart value.
2/ Enter the figures you've negotiated with your bank.
Monthly sales forecast [CA]
Average Cart Value [PM]
Number of monthly transactions [NBT = CA / PM ]
Your bank's payment solution
Actinic Installation £0 £0 £0 £100 [OX]
Activation/Bank fees Info Online sales contracts without subscriptions are usually free but can be subject to bank fee as part of an integration fee. £0 £0 £0 [FD]
Staggered payments over 36 months £0 £0 £0 £0 [AM = ( (OX+FD) / 36) ##£]
Payment solution subscription (bank) £0 £0 £0 [AB]
Cost per transaction Info With MangoPay Inside, the cost of transactions depends on your subscription. £0.25 [CTR]
Service fee (bank) Info With PayPal, the service fee is based on your monthly sales figures. [CE]
Results of your bank transaction cost calculations
Total cost of transactions [CTT = (CTR * NBT) ##£]
Service fee total [CET = (CE * CA) ##£]
Total financial costs [CFT = ((OX+FD) / 36 + AB + CTR * (CA / PM) + CE * CA)##£]
Financial costs% [TX = (CFT / CA *100) ##%]
See the results in detail
There isn't a perfect payment solution. Decide which payment solution is best suited to your online sales project.
All the payment solutions Actinic e-Commerce software offers are completely secure. None of them are better than the others. Decide which criteria is important for you to make your choice.
Forecast your monthly sales figures and your client's average cart value
The second point is important for choosing the most suitable payment solution. If you're unable to estimate your sales because you are using the internet as a test to see how your sales develop then then take a low number between £500 and £1000 and £50 as an average cart value, which is a realistic average cart.
Offer a variety of payment solutions
Even when you've reached a high turnover, continue to offer a variety of payment solutions, even if the commission fees seem high. On larger ecommerce sites, that offer a variety of payment methods, payments carried out via PayPal can represent between 5 and 20% of total sales.

The 'all-in-one' type solutions, like PayPal, offer a great opportunity, as they are easy to set up, don't require a selection criteria, have a large membership and have great tools for withdrawing cash quickly. When you first start an online store it's often the logical choice.
INSIDE Payment Solutions: payment methods adapted to your business
The biggest Ecommerce platforms have the purchasing power to pool the costs of online payment. By creating partnerships with leading players in Ecommerce, like MangoPay and CreditCall, Actinic has negotiated lower fees for it's clients.
Actinic Payments adapts to your business as it grows, you can upgrade to a higher package at any time and have the choice of annual or monthly contracts.
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