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Oxatis White Paper

12 best practices to increase your sales with Google AdWords

"Oxatis was the first e-Commerce specialist to sign a strategic Google AdWords partnership agreement. Oxatis’ expertise in e-Commerce is widely recognised throughout the industry. Boasting cutting-edge AdWords campaign management know-how and a comprehensive array of marketing solutions, Oxatis has earned its reputation as a reliable partner capable
of helping UK e-merchants achieve e-Commerce success!"
Emmanuel Begerem, Google UK’s partner network
Guide Google Adwords
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Table of content
3 excellent reasons to use AdWords to increase your turnover
Aim for optimal campaign configuration from the outset.
01. Define your objectives
02. Select appropriate keywords, for efficient campaigns
03. Adopt a Google AdWords account structure that repeats the structure of your site
04. Write compelling and effective ads
05. Post your ads at the right time and in the right place

Optimise your campaigns to maximise profits
06. Calculate your ROI
07. Test your ads and let the figures speak for themselves
08. Optimise your site
09. Select the best location for optimal profits
Multiply your acquisition methods.
10. Use Google Shopping to maximise your turnover
11. Use remarketing to consolidate your presence and generate customer loyalty
12. Use banners to reach more users

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