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SaaS or Open source

Building a successful e-Commerce business depends largely on the technology you choose to create your online presence with. Today there are two different solutions available: SaaS or Open Source platforms. It is essential to compare the different benefits and disadvantages of your options to select the best solution for your specific business needs and requirements. The assessment of SaaS and Open Source this guide provides is based on 12 criteria, essential to succeed in e-Commerce.
Guide: SaaS vs Open Source

What you will learn...

An exclusive study carried out with 2,000 Oxatis e-merchants to identify best practices that will help you develop your sales.

Whether you sell on a B2C or B2B market, discover best practices on how to increase the number of visitors to your e-Commerce site, turn them into customers, increase their spending and retain them: With accurate data collected from thousands of sites, identify the key performance indicators to achieve your revenue target and implement targeted and effective actions to increase your sales.

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