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eBay - Amazon - MarketPlace Manager

Increase your visibility
MarketPlace Manager eBay eBay is the most popular shopping destination on the web
Today, the eBay community includes over 90 million active members around the world. This marketplace is made up of professional traders and individual sellers and millions of transactions take place every day.

The eBay platform has not only established itself as the most popular shopping destination on the internet, but also increasingy as a distribution channel for businesses and individuals. eBay is an excellent opportunity for all etailers to increase the visibility of their products.
Amazon: the market leader
Historically, Amazon has been an ecommerce leader and has now become a key marketplace figure on the internet.

While Amazon started out as an ecommerce site alone, it has now become a true marketplace where any etailer can sell a wide range of products: books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, appliances, home and garden items, clothes and shoes, etc.

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MarketPlace Manager Amazon
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Winning over new customers is a constant struggle for an etailer. Actinic maximises your chances by making it easy for you to get your products listed on the UKs largest online marketplaces: eBay and Amazon

As a shopping cart software, our role is to help you sell online. That means with your online shop, through online marketplaces, with price comparison services, etc. With the Actinic MarketPlace Manager, manage all of your sales channels from a central location and save precious time when promoting and running your business.

Sell your products on eBay and Amazon and reach millions of potential new customers
  • List your products quickly and easily

  • Retrieve eBay and Amazon orders directly in your back office

  • Inventory is automatically synchronised between your Actinic eCommerce platform, eBay and Amazon
How to activate the
MarketPlace Manager?
Step 1: eBay & Amazon MarketPlace Manager
Select the products you want to sell on eBay / Amazon
Step 2: eBay & Amazon MarketPlace Manager
Create an account with eBay / Amazon and choose your product category
Step 3: eBay & Amazon MarketPlace Manager
Confirm and manage your sales from your Actinic website