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Reward Schemes

Referral Scheme and Loyalty Program
Referral Scheme Referral scheme
Build Relationships and Grow Your Business
The Actinic referral scheme offers your customers an incentive to promote your products and company to people they know.

You reward customers who get people they know to purchase from your website whilst also offering a discount to the new customer incentivising them to place their first order.

The referral scheme is a cost effective way to get your website promoted and brings new customers to your site.
Loyalty Program
Reward Customers with a Loyalty Program
Online retailers are constantly striving to gain new and encourage existing customers to return and purchase from their websites.

With the Actinic Loyalty Program customers are rewarded with points when they place an order which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.
Loyalty Scheme
The Loyalty Program can: Request a Call Back
  • Award your customers points based on their order amount or per order

  • Define a time period that points are valid

  • Determine if points are awarded for orders purchased using the Loyalty Program

  • Monitor the points customers have been awarded

  • Manually award points to an individual customer directly in their user account file
How does the loyalty program work? How does the referral scheme work?
Step 1: Loyalty ProgramStep 1:  Referral Scheme
Your customers order and accumulate points One of your customers refers a friend
Step 2: Loyalty ProgramStep 2:  Referral Scheme
Points can then be redeemed for discounts Their friend orders on your website withe a one-time referral discount
Step 3: Loyalty ProgramStep 3:  Referral Scheme
The customer orders on the website using their earned discount Your customer will also receive a discount on their next order