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SMS Marketing

Develop customer loyalty
SMS Marketing Easily manage your SMS marketing campaigns
At the end of 2014 we hit a new milestone: 1.76 billion people owned smartphones and by 2017 more than one third of the world's population will be smartphone users! By the end of this year the majority of Western Europe is expected to pass 50% smartphone penetration amongst the total population*. With more and more people shopping via their phone we can, no doubt, expect to see an increase in on-the-go ecommerce.

SMS is an effective sales tool and an excellent way to develop your business: In the UK, 93% of adults use or own a mobile phone. With an average open rate of 98%, SMS is a powerful e-Commerce marketing tool for generating quality traffic**.
3 advantages of SMS marketing Request a Call Back
Text messages are a convenient and effective way to communicate and can easily be sent from your Actinic back office, allowing you to:
Generate sales
SMS is ideal for generating sales as it creates a sense of urgency, react quickly to get a good deal. For example, you can use it to inform your customers about flash sales on discontinued items. It's also a useful tool for offering birthday discounts!
"Every month, we carry out several SMS campaigns. Our open rates are consistently above 90% and our turnover doubles a few days after sending."
  Olivier Leclercq - Alliance Paintball
Develop your MCommerce sales
SMS let's you take advantage of the mobile commerce market, which is rapidly expanding. The UK has the largest m-commerce market in Europe and is expected to be worth £37.9bn this year. Last year m-commerce accounted for 40% of total web sales and 48% of visits to UK online stores came from mobile devices(IMRG)!

If all these sales are taking place through mobile devices - are you getting your share? You should be! Activate the mobile version of your online store now, for free, with Mobile Store.
Improve customer relations Thanks to personalised and automatic SMS messages, you can stay in touch with your customers, keeping them informed about their order and building strong business relationships.
(* EMarketer)
(**Ofcom Communications Market Report, 2014.)
How to use an
SMS pack?
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