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Drive your business with advanced analytics tools

Measure your activity and optimise your performance with detailed statistics of the purchasing journey of your customers, products, customer reviews, email campaigns, traffic sources, etc.
eCommerce Growth Statistics
Karen Bowden - eCommerce Growth Statistics Testimony
"Each year we have exceeded our growth forecasts by 20%. We know this because the back office gives us a precise overview of our sales figures, traffic numbers and conversion rates."
Karen Bowden - Managing Director, Vectis Karma

Improve the performance of your e-Commerce site

Define the period for which you wish to analyse your performance indicators: daily, weekly, monthly or over a period of your choice. Define parameters: number of visits, orders, sources, conversions, revenue, etc. Track your site's activity and optimise to ensure profitability.
e-Commerce Profitability
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Website
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Catalogue

Analyse the performance for individual items

Pinpoint how much turnover is generated by each of the items in your online catalogue (most-viewed products, most likely to be added to cart, best sellers) and improve ROI by focusing your email, paid search, and other targeting campaigns on the most popular products.
e-Commerce online catalogue

Optimise the stages of your conversion tunnel

Analyse the 6 key steps of the online order: shopping cart, customer account, delivery options, payment methods, confirmation, thank you. In the blink of an eye, you can identify the steps to improve to convert more leads into customers.
Online store management
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Orders
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Cart Recovery

Measure and optimise your actions

Measure the results of your relaunched baskets. By viewing orders validated after recovery and conversions of abandoned baskets, you can optimise your recovery scenarios and significantly increase the turnover of your site.
e-Commerce conversion

Analyse the performance of your traffic sources

Using order statistics, you can view and optimise revenue and the percentage of sales generated from each source of traffic: website, mobile version, Facebook, price comparisons, marketplaces, etc.
e-Commerce traffic acquisition
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Traffic
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Analytics
More Stats

Activate Google tools on your site

With the Google Tag Manager Apps and the Google Search Console, you can analyse the behaviour of your visitors, optimise the positioning of your pages in Google, improve traffic, and boost sales from your site
Google Analytics Apps

Manage your campaigns via your back office

With the "Campaign Tracking" feature, you can create URLs for your webmarketing campaigns (emailing, Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook Ads, and so on). They will allow you to control your activity and identify performance for each campaign (visits, conversion rates, revenue).
e-Commerce Marketing
eCommerce Growth Statistics - Marketing