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INSIDE Payments

Excellent INSIDE payment option, at the service of your online sales figures!

Benefit from payment solutions that are adapted to the evolution of your business.
With MangoPay Inside, you have the option of a payment solution without a bank PSP/VAD contract, so you can get started quickly and be supported as your business grows. Actinic Payments solution will grow with your business and you have the choice of annual or monthly contracts which can be upgraded at any time. Take advantage of our negotiated tariffs and the complete integration of the payment solutions, so you can manage all your transactions from the Actinic back-office.

Our INSIDE payment solutions are:
  • Economic
    The negotiated fees are ultra-competitive.
  • Secure
    Accept card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Store Cards, etc.) safely and avoid all risk of fraud.
  • Reliable
    Benefit from services that handle more than 150 million pounds worth of transactions a year.
  • Optimised for Mobile
    Improve your customer's shopping experience and increase your conversion rate by automatically offering interfaces that are adapted to smartphones and tablets.
  • Centralised Control
    Manage your orders, confirm, cancel or reimburse, directly from your Actinic back office, in a few clicks.
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The benefits of our INSIDE payment solution:
The ideal payment solution for launching your online store

Benefit from a comprehensive payment solution as soon as your e-store is online!
  • Simple: No bank PSP/VAD contract, so no need for any bank processes    
  • Fast: Up and running immediately (in less than 5 minutes)
  • Unbeatable fees: Billed per transaction and commission fees based on the volume of transactions.

  • The payment method that will support your company in it's development

    Opt for the same payment solution as the Ecommerce leaders (Amazon, etc.)!
  • Personalised: Negotiate your payment commission with your bank
  • Practical: The Actinic experts will have your account up and running in 72 working hours.
  • Powerful: Benefit from a robust and reliable infrastructure, carrying millions of transactions a month.