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Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
39% of internet users click on a sponsored ad because it shows a product they are interested in or because it sparks an interest in a product they haven't yet considered (Hubspot). Oxatis' referencing experts have set out best practices to help you gain maximum benefit from Google ads.

Learn how to wield this essential traffic-acquisition tool, and enjoy figuring in Google's paid search results with immediate performance-benefits for your business. Prepare for summer by discovering these 4 expert AdWords tips, designed to help you optimise your campaigns and double your conversion rate!
What to remember
1. Increase your audience by simultaneously optimising natural and paid referencing.
2. Trigger higher campaign conversion rates by limiting click numbers to 3 and by optimising your landing pages!
3. Measure your ROI thanks to the analysis of your campaign reports.
4. Boost your sales' revenue using these 4 platforms, monitored via AdWords: Gmail Ads, YouTube, Shopping and Display.

4 AdWords best practices to double conversions before summer

01 Double your productivity via simultaneous SEO and SEA optimisation
Google processes billions of search requests every day (BBC). Tilt the odds in your favour and appear at the top of the list! Think in terms of SEO/SEA complementarity, and opt for short as well as long-term visibility. Double digital marketing productivity by working on both SEO and SEA keyword strategies at the same time. You can catch users about to convert on Google by ensuring your presence on a predefined list of keywords.

  • Master Google-speak and respect its codes

  • > Create a list of relevant keywords: keyword-brainstorm in relation to your business. Adopt a user's perspective. What terms would he/she type into search? Benchmark: use Google or Kgen keyword generators in order to identify requests used by your competition.

    > Add synonyms and spelling mistakes: expand your list by including spelling mistakes, variations (singular usually preferred to plural). If you are selling red boots, include 'red bots' or 'red booties'. Typos are also apt to lead to conversions!

    > Enhance your keywords, transforming them into key requests: count on long trail by investing in less researched, more specific requests. Buy 'send a bouquet of red flowers' instead of 'red flowers'. Multiply your conversions by adding 6 to 7-word long keyword expressions!

  • Speak to users directly and cater to their needs

  • > Use keyword-search tools and directly address those users most likely to want your products. Thanks to these tools, you can enhance your keyword list and choose to figure on closely related terms you may not otherwise have thought of. Google Trends, the AdWords keyword-planning tool, and ubersuggest are amongst the best.
    Find out +: : check out our expert's advice on SEO tools that guarantee results.
    02 Work on your buying funnel to ensure your ROI
    70% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing and relevance of a brand’s message influences their perception of a brand (Google). Listen to your guests. Once your paid ad has been broadcast, users will be redirected to your site and most of the time to your item page. Promote few-click conversions by fine-tuning your landing pages!

  • C-O-H-E-R-E-N-C-E:

  • aim for perfectly matching keywords, ads and landing pages. Buy the keyword 'red boot deal', expand on the offer in your ad and spell it out clearly on your landing page. Re-use keywords and offers specified in ads on your landing page.

  • Favour minimalistic buying funnels:

  • make the process easy in order to maximise conversion odds. The user should be able to locate the search item with a maximum of 3 clicks. Reduce clicks in order to simplify browsing, thereby optimising the information-gathering experience.

  • Optimise the structure of your landing pages:

  • 73% of users leave a site after 2 minutes if they have failed to find what they were looking for (Marketing Sherpa). Make it easy to complete purchases in a few seconds; encourage guests to stay and visit more pages. Suggest complementary products in order to enhance the value of your average basket and increase your sales' revenue!
    03 Exceed your goals by studying your campaigns and adjusting your AdWords' strategy
  • Step 1: Set conversion goals

  • On AdWords, objectives have to be defined: purchase, subscription, call...Choose the most suitable one, set time aside every week to study your business' progress and adjust your keyword-purchase strategy. With an identical budget, a Google certified and accredited Oxatis referencing expert can devise a campaign that will generate three times more sales' revenue.
      « Our conversion rate is 3.5% which is 2.33% higher than that of the average e-Commerce site »
      Christine and Linda Naysmith, Stick and Cane Shop

  • Step 2: link your AdWords and Analytics accounts

  • Link up both Google tools in order to enjoy thorough analyses from the first time your ad is clicked to purchase. Analytics data are imported into AdWords (rebound rate, time spent on site, pages viewed...) and you can view the impact of your AdWords campaigns on your activity. Compare the different traffic sources, get the most out of the best positioned products and capitalise by increasing these requests' maximum cost-per-click.
  • Step 3: Calculate your ROI

  • Compare the cost of your campaign with generated revenue. If the sales' revenue is greater than the amount invested in the Google sponsored ad, the campaign is cost-effective and a sign you should invest more! If not, study the coherence of your ad and landing page.
      « Entrusting our AdWords campaign to Oxatis meant that every 1€ earned us 20!»
      Marlène PACHUKI, HighMobilityGear
    04 Increase your sales' revenue by multiplying platforms
    Boost order numbers by using Google AdWords to monitor campaigns on other platforms!

  • Gmail ads:

  • One billion people use Gmail, Google's electronic messaging service (financial results Google 2015). Engage with potential targets with Gmail ads. A reduced version of your sponsored ad appears in user inboxes, on both desktop and mobile versions. Boost mobile conversions via Gmail ads: 45.2% of emails are opened on mobile and tablet devices (Litmus, April 2016). Target users directly, through their pockets via their smartphone and when they are most receptive: when checking their email!

  • YouTube:

  • This platform accounts for between 3 and 4% of all page views registered globally. It is the third most visited site. Use, for example, the 'TrueView for Shopping' format to broadcast ads from your product flow. Your products are embedded into YouTube videos via notifications. Once clicked, a gallery of products is displayed and guides the user on the path of conversion. Try a preview with Oxatis!

  • Google Shopping:

  • Smartphone Google Shopping searches have consistently tripled year-over-year (Search Engine Watch) SEO, SEA and Google Shopping results: increase your search engine visibility threefold! Broadcast your product catalogue on this price-comparison shopping engine. Your products are displayed at the top of the list of results for optimal visibility!

      The [Google Shopping] campaigns drove double-digit incremental sales, and year- on-year our sales went up by a third
      Ange Bussy-Socrate, Evans Cycles' Online Marketing Manager (Evans Cycles Google case study)
    • Google Display:

    Spending in the UK display advertising market (broadcasting ads on websites) is predicted to reach £2.5 billion this year (Marketing Week). Display images of your products and your exclusive offers! Banners, text ads or animated banners: all attract attention! These ads are broadcast on industry-relevant third party websites in order to increase the number of qualified clicks.

    Make your brand stand out at every stage of the sale's process: 3 new tools have been added to the AdWords toolbox to help you boost conversions!

    1. Optimise your costs with customer specific campaigns, thanks to Customer Match (you target your audience using a list of email addresses).
    2. Use 'similar audiences' to target new prospects who share characteristics with customers appearing on your initial email list.
    3. Finally, test the AdWords' Universal Apps Campaign extension. It allows you to promote your application via Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and Google Display. Happy conversions!