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For e-Commerce Success
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline effective strategies for increasing and optimising your sales!
  • Online non-food retail sales grew by 17.6% during June 2015

  • (Internet Retailing). Attract more traffic this summer by revamping your e-Commerce communication strategy whilst keeping your budget in check. Are you ready for the sales period? Make the most of free images, integrate new features to improve your client experience, promote your deals via additional communication channels, and capitalise on emailing, a powerful tool that delivers immediate results.

  • Prepare for the sales this summer with our 4 practical tips

  • for increasing conversions and keeping within a reasonable communication budget.
    What to remember
    1. Encourage impulsive purchases: create a sales-specific atmosphere using free images.
    2. Surprise customers and curb basket abandonment: integrate new Apps to coincide with the sales.
    3. Aim for a cost-effective sales strategy by opting for communication tools that are adapted to your budget.
    4. Ensure click-rate growth with unique emailing campaigns.

    Summer sales: 4 strategies to sell more whilst reducing your budget

    01 Enhance customer experience using sales-dedicated visuals
  • Use the free visuals that are available with your Oxatis solution.

  • Create your e-Commerce website drawing from the 'sales' image pool. Increase your order volume thanks to exclusive Oxatis banners and images. Inject vitality into the sales by displaying a special sales slideshow on your homepage. Curate the available space and select solid colours to direct the viewer's gaze towards the important information. Attract guests' attention to those items you are most interested in selling, using small graphic interventions designed for you by our experts.
    Tip: go to 'Galleries > Images', click on 'Our Collection' and select images that are appropriate for your theme.

    "Thanks to the Oxatis studio, our site is both professional and user-friendly. Our conversion rate shot up 10% after the launch of our new design."
    Christine and Linda Naysmith- Brollies Galore
  • Use royalty-free image libraries.

  • 40% of the population is more receptive to information conveyed through image rather than text. Download free images from Pixabay, Freepik, Gratisography, etc. and add them to different media: your e-Commerce site, emailing campaigns, social media. Boost conversions by using free, original and relevant images to enhance your messages and promotions.

  • Use several image formats.

  • Every communication channel has its own requirements in terms of image weight and size. Aim for internal consistency: adapt iamges to your communication channels. On Facebook, the image of a link measures 1200x628 pixels, and on Twitter, newsfeed images have to be at least 1024 pixels wide. Keep updating your social media cover images throughout the successive markdowns in order to encourage a high degree of user engagement with your price strategy.
    Tip: The Oxatis image editor allows you to select resolutions for your images in order to automatically optimise their weight, thereby guaranteeing your e-Commerce site's performance is not affected. Tinypng and Compressjpeg allow you to compress your images even more.
    02 Increase your turnover by 30% during the sales by injecting vitality into the sales funnel
    Use Oxatis Apps to optimise your site. Take advantage of the traffic generated during the sales to offer new features, and secure customer loyalty by optimising the purchasing experience.

  • Install the “suggestive sales” feature to double your conversion odds.

  • Average per capita spending for online shopping in the United Kingdom for 2016 is expected to reach 1,108 EUR, the highest figure in Europe (Statista). Take advantage of the sales' period to encourage that amount to be spent in your shop! Install the Oxatis suggestive sales App in order to offer users complementary or higher-range products. Display recommendations directly in their cart, thereby increasing the value of your average basket.

  • Install the “dynamic basket” App during the sales and experience a 30% increase in sales revenue.

  • When combined with the suggestive sales App, the “dynamic basket” yields immediate results during the sales period. Product recommendations are displayed both in the order confirmation pop-up and in the order summary. Cut back on abandoned baskets; treat this App as a conversion tool.
    Tip: Visit the Oxatis App store and find out more about our partners and the features designed to help you grow your e-Commerce business.
    03 Increase your traffic by testing 3 channels adapted to your sales budget
  • Reduce your budget by communicating via social media.

  • 96% of brands use social media to communicate with their communities. Address your people! Use the Facebook slideshow feature that allows you to make promotional videos of your products, free of charge. Configure a Facebook carrousel at no extra cost: display 5 images – together with title and link - to lend visibility to your items in the safe environment of your own fan page. Merchants rely most on social media sponsored links when it comes to promoting their sales operations.

    Capitalise on paid posts in order to target prospects. Drive sponsored-links broadcasts, and keep your budget under control. In addition, try new real-time social media to create video teasers regarding your sales items or upcoming deals. Snapchat and Periscope are your allies!

  • Reach users via Gmail.

  • Using your Adwords account, personalise Google pre-formatted templates and catch users where they tend to hang out: their inboxes! Target your audience precisely using keywords that appear in the email subject lines, and redirect a significant amount of traffic towards the landing pages of your discounted items.

  • Work YouTube into your communication strategy.

  • YouTube is a network that boasts 500 million active users. Ranked second search engine in the world, YouTube is a tool that helps you acquire visibility, free of charge. Produce quality content that will make you popular, and enjoy a knock-on effect in terms of your sales.

    For example, share original videos, adopting a tutorial or best-practices angle. Configuring specific ads for YouTube will also help you attract more traffic. Target users by portraying your business in an interesting light, whilst keeping your budgetary imperatives in mind.
    04 Increase your campaign click-rate thanks to an emailing strategy that sets you apart
  • Tailor campaigns to your crowd!

  • Personalised emails generate 6 times as many transactions as regular emails. Promote your upcoming sales via emailing campaigns, and put forward products which reflect individual customers' purchase histories. Use MailJet in order to segment your emailing messages, and aim for this kind of message: “40% off trendy pink wrap” for 55 year old Sophie, and “20% off last series trainers” when targeting 25 year old Benjamin.

  • Stand out!

  • Work with Oxatis' emailing templates when it comes to promoting further reductions. Get the most out of Mailjet features, and test new newsletter templates. Personalise the templates every time you broadcast a message during the sales. Opt for including animated gifs in your emails, and highlight several discounted products at a time, without extending your newsletter.

  • Try using videos, and revel in the results!

  • Increase clicks by integrating video content into your emails. Emails containing videos generate 3 times as many clicks as those containing images. Take a screenshot of your paused video to display the “Play” button, and to ensure that users understand where to click to view its contents. On the paused image, insert a link to the video hosted on your site or on a free platform, such as YouTube.
    Summer 2016 is time, once again, to nail the sales. This time, with a mini-budget.

    > Work those visuals into all your communication media.
    > Focus on cost-effectiveness by adapting your “sales” landing pages to the messages you broadcast via social media, or emailing campaigns.
    > Encourage purchases, cultivate a veneer of irreplaceability, and prepare to outdo last year's performances!