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7 Google tips to increase your sales revenue

Expert Advice
To Succeed in e-Commerce
Our team of e-Commerce experts outline efficient strategies to increase and optimise your sales!
Google, boasting a 86.65% share in the market (Statista) is the leading search engine in the UK. Now is the time to get the most out of your Google presence! Aim to generate more traffic whilst reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Start using 7 new tools developed by Google to attract more prospects, and ensure your site figures amongst the top results.
What to remember
1. Engage your audience using “rich answers” and “rich cards” formats.
2. Boost your presence on Youtube with well-ranked videos.
3. Optimise your website with regular loading-time analysis.
4. Capitalise on local searches to grow your traffic.

7 Tips from Google to direct more traffic to your site and increase your sales revenue

01 Optimise your site and your results-page presence
  • Figure amongst the top 3 Google results by providing optimal website speed.

  • Google is now actively taking site speed into account when it comes to ranking (shoutmeloud). Use Google's new “Test my Site” tool in order to gauge your load time. Available at, this smart piece of technology allows you to quickly find out how well your mobile and desktop versions are doing: how long your site takes to charge, and how well it adapts to mobile devises. Google immediately indicates which elements need optimising in order to enhance customer experience across all devices and improve your ranking.
    "Actinic's SEO experts' optimisations helped me generate qualified traffic right from the launch of my website. In three months, we went from 150 visits a week to over 1500. Our sales revenue also experienced a prompt take off: + 48% increase in 6 months!"
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  • Enhance your visibility with “Rich Answers”.

  • Organic search is responsible for 51% of website traffic ( Use the “Rich Answers” format to appear before your competition in Google's search results.

    “Rich answers” allow you to display information harvested from your site and relevant to a user's search on the Google results page itself. If the search is “how to optimise blogging strategy?”, Google displays a list of key elements drawn from your site in a box at the top of the list of results. Capitalise on this format to get more clicks to your site: optimise your website's content with your users' questions in mind. Provide clear answers to user questions. Focus on delivering quality content and framing long-tail keywords. It's that easy to get ahead of the competition!

  • Use “Rich cards” to enter the top of mobile-version Google ranking

  • 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day (internetlivestats). Attract more prospects by displaying your site via “Rich cards”. These cards display extracts from your site in an even more engaging way: focus shifts to the image and results are presented in a carousel format, perfect for mobile-scrolling.

    Seduce users and improve their mobile experience by optimising your content for “Rich cards”. The format is not yet available to all, but gain a head start by implementing “Rich cards” right away: you will enjoy heightened visibility with the upcoming mobile deployment. Fill in the required fields and test your “Rich cards” display to spot and rectify errors.
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    02 Use Youtube to engage your community
  • Attract users with optimised video referencing.

  • Youtube is the 3rd most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook (Alexa). Video results consistently feature at the top of the results' list. Integrate videos into your marketing strategy and optimise their ranking. Opt for relevant long-tail keywords, fill in all of the video fields (title, description, tags, name...), add optimised subtitles (video transcript), provide clickable notes to link your videos to each other. Finally, create your own playlists and include keywords and videos that are relevant to your core activity.

  • Engage your audience by trying out “TrueView for shopping”, which allows you to showcase your products in Youtube videos.

  • Boost your e-Commerce traffic by displaying your products in videos that are relevant to your business sector. Every time a user clicks on a product appearing in the video, he is redirected to your site. The system works along the same lines as Google Shopping, and all you have to do is connect your product feed with the Google Merchant Centre. You may choose, for example, to have your beauty products appear in bloggers' tutorials.
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    03 Re-think your local ranking
  • Conquer Google space by enhancing your local ranking.

  • 50% of mobile searches lead to store visits the same day ( Test your local-results website display: local results regularly appear in pole position. Work on your keyword list by combining each keyword with the name of the closest or most popular town (mattress sale + london). Add your business details to Google My Business to be visible on Google local Searches and Google Maps. Provide accurate, precise information including your geographic location, a contact number, a product list, etc.

  • Be visible locally with the new Google Maps advertising format.

  • Boost local visibility by testing Google Maps “promoted pins”. A colourful pin pops-up every time a user scrolls close to your address. Include special offers in the right format to maximise the impact of your ad and attract prospects to your website or directly to your store.
    Create your ecommerce site
    The optimisation of your product files adds the finishing touch of your SEO overhaul. Ensure all product versions are ranked; bear users' searches in mind when compiling your product files; fine-tune your URLs.

    Elaborate an efficient ranking strategy in order to boost traffic and grow your sales revenue!